2024 Season results details

In the Coast Amateur Rowing Association, clubs and crews compete in different events and disciplines over each season. Details may be seen as overall and individual both.

Clubs: compete against one another in both the Grand Aggregate (most status wins) and the CARA League (Most points, awarded for the first 6 crews over the line, 6 for 1st, 1 for 6th).

Crews compete in many individual events, details and workings for these can be seen in the Rules page.

CARA League and Aggregates
CARA League CARA Grand Aggregate
1Shoreham 4281Shoreham 26
2Herne Bay2512Deal 20
3Deal 2503Herne Bay8
5Eastbourne1685Folkestone 7
6Dover 1286Dover 5
7Folkestone 1247Eastbourne5
8Worthing 818Hastings2
10Southsea2910Worthing 1
Men's Senior AggregateMen's Junior AggregateWomens Aggregate
1Deal 111Folkestone 61Shoreham 17
2Herne Bay21Bexhill32Deal 4
3Bexhill03Deal 33Hastings2
3Shoreham 04Eastbourne14Dover 2
5Worthing 05Dover 15Eastbourne2
6Southsea06Shoreham 16Southsea2
7Hastings07Herne Bay07Herne Bay2
8Folkestone 08Southsea08Worthing 1
9Eastbourne09Hastings09Folkestone 1
10Dover 010Worthing 010Bexhill1
Individual Championships - Number of Status wins
Men's Novice ScullsDover x 2, Herne Bay x 1, Shoreham x 1
Men's Junior ScullsEastbourne x 1, Deal x 3, Dover x 1
Men's Senior ScullsDeal x 4, Herne Bay x 1
Womens Novice ScullsHastings (see below for info. Womens Novice Sculls is based on points system, not status wins)
Womens Junior ScullsFolkestone (see below for info. Womens Junior Sculls is based on points system, not status wins)
Womens Double ScullsShoreham (see below for info. Womens Double Sculls is based on points system, not status wins)
Men's Junior PairsFolkestone x 5
Men's Senior PairsDeal x 4, Herne Bay x 1
Womens Junior PairsSouthsea x 2, Shoreham x 1
Womens Senior PairsShoreham x 2, Worthing x 1
Men's Novice FoursBexhill x 2, Eastbourne x 1, Shoreham x 1, Deal x 1
Men's Junior FoursBexhill x 3, Shoreham x 1, Folkestone x 1
Men's J/S FoursShoreham x 3
Men's Senior FoursDeal x 3
Womens Novice FoursEastbourne x 2, Dover x 1, Shoreham x 2
Womens Junior FoursShoreham x 4
Womens Senior FoursDeal x 3, Shoreham x 2
Masters Open 40+ FoursShoreham x 3, Eastbourne x 1
Masters Women's 40+ FoursShoreham x 3, Dover x 1, Herne Bay x 1
Masters Open 50+ FoursHerne Bay x 3, Deal x 1, Bexhill x 1
South Coast Championship Selection Points (Status races, by boat not club)
Men's Senior FoursMen's Junior/Senior FoursMen's Junior Fours
1Deal A151Shoreham A151Bexhill A18
2Herne Bay A62Dover A42Shoreham A13
3Deal B53Herne Bay43Folkestone A9
55Shoreham B15Herne Bay1
666Worthing A1
Masters Open 40+Womens Senior FoursWomens Junior Fours
1Shoreham A151Deal A211Shoreham A20
2Eastbourne A122Shoreham A172Shoreham B9
3Herne Bay A43Worthing A53Dover 4
4Folkestone 34Shoreham B24Worthing 2
Womens Double Sculls Championship (1st=5pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=1pt)
Womens Double ScullsRecord of Wins (Max. 3 allowed of each combination)
1Shoreham 181 xS. Faith and M. Phillips (Shoreham)
2Deal 121 xP. Barbesciewicz and C. Cooper (Deal)
3Bexhill41 xL. Boon and C. Hobby-Limon (Shoreham)
4Herne Bay11 xL. Boon and M. Shaw (Shoreham)
5Worthing 0
7Dover 0
9Folkestone 0
Womens Sculls Championship (1st=5pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=1pt)
Womens Novice ScullsWomens Junior Sculls
1Hastings101Folkestone 5
2Bexhill82Shoreham 3
3Shoreham 63Hastings1
4Herne Bay54Worthing 0
5Deal 55Bexhill0
6Eastbourne16Deal 0
7Dover 17Dover 0
8Folkestone 08Eastbourne0
9Southsea09Herne Bay0
10Worthing 010Southsea0
Junior Championship
Mixed J14Men's J16Womens J16
1Shoreham 151Shoreham 161Shoreham 20
2Herne Bay92Worthing 102Herne Bay6
3Worthing 23Bexhill73Bexhill2
4Dover 14Herne Bay24Worthing 1
5Bexhill05Dover 05Southsea0
6Deal 06Southsea06Deal 0
7Eastbourne07Deal 07Dover 0
8Folkestone 08Eastbourne08Eastbourne0
9Hastings09Folkestone 09Folkestone 0
J14 & J16 Championships
1Shoreham 51
2Herne Bay17
3Worthing 13
5Dover 1
7Deal 0
9Folkestone 0
Coxswain of the Year
Callum Long (Shoreham)Worthing
Sally Watkins (Folkestone)Folkestone