CARA League Tables 2017

2017 Individual Championships: 

Results after 3 Regattas

Individual Championships are won in each of the below listed “status” events. A single point is awarded for each victory.

Mens  Senior  Fours Deal 2pts
Veteran 40+ Fours Folkestone 2pts
Veteran 50+ Fours Deal 1pt  Herne Bay 1pt
Mens  J/Senior  Fours Shoreham 2pts
Mens  Junior  Fours Shoreham/Bexhill 1pts Worthing 1pts
Mens  Novice  Fours Bexhill 2pts Shoreham 1pts
Ladies  Senior  Fours Shoreham 3pts
Ladies  Junior  Fours Shoreham 2pts
Ladies  Novice  Four Worthing 1pt Herne Bay 1pt
Mens  Senior  Pairs Bexhill 2pts Deal 1pt
Mens  Junior  Pairs Deal 1pts Bexhill 1pt
Ladies  Senior  Pairs Shoreham 1pts
Ladies  Junior  Pairs Bexhill 3pts
Mens  Senior  Sculls Deal 2pts
Mens  Junior  Sculls Bexhill 2pts Herne Bay 1pts
Mens  Novice  Sculls Shoreham 2pts
 Junior League
Boys J16 Quad Bexhill 15pts Shoreham 6pts
Girls J16 Quad Herne Bay 13pts Deal 7pts
Mixed J14 Quad Herne Bay 16pts Shoreham 8pts
Overall Herne Bay 32pts Shoreham 20pts
Ladies Double Sculls 
Shoreham 9pts  Dover 5pts
Ladies Single Sculls
 Shoreham 9pts Folkestone 5pts
Mens Senior Aggregate Deal 5pts Bexhill 2pts
Ladies Aggregate Shoreham 7pts Bexhill 3pts
Mens Junior Aggregate Bexhill 4pts Herne Bay/Shoreham/Deal 1pts