2018 Standings

2018 Individual Championships

Results after 3 Regattas

Individual Championships are won in each of the below listed “status” events. A single point is awarded for each victory.

Mens  Senior  Fours Bexhill 2pts Herne Bay 1pt
Veteran 40+ Fours Herne Bay 3pts
Veteran 50+ Fours Herne Bay 2pts Hastings 1pt
Mens  J/Senior  Fours Deal 2pts Shoreham 1pt
Mens  Junior  Fours Herne Bay 2pts Worthing 1pt
Mens  Novice  Fours Shoreham 2pts Worthing 1pt
Ladies  Senior  Fours Shoreham 3pts
Ladies  Junior  Fours Worthing 3pts
Ladies  Novice  Four Bexhill 1pt Shoreham 1pt
Mens  Senior  Pairs Bexhill 3pts
Mens  Junior  Pairs Herne Bay 3pts
Ladies  Senior  Pairs Shoreham 3pts
Ladies  Junior  Pairs Worthing 3pts
Mens  Senior  Sculls Bexhill 2pts Deal 1pt
Mens  Junior  Sculls Deal 2pts Shoreham 1pt
Mens  Novice  Sculls Deal 2pts Dover 1pt
Ladies Double Sculls Shoreham 3pts
2018 Aggregates

The aggregate standings can be found below, 1 point is given for each win in a given category. Other clubs may have points towards an aggregate, this table only shows the top 3 clubs.

Mens Senior Aggregate Bexhill 7pts Deal 1pt Herne Bay 1pt
Ladies Aggregate Shoreham 10pts Worthing 6pts Bexhill 1pt
Mens Junior Aggregate Herne Bay 5pts Deal 2pt Sho/Wor 1pt
South Coast Championship Selection Points

Below are the tables for the South Coast Championship Selection Points, in a given fours category 5, 3 and 1 point is awarded for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. At the end of the season the two crews with the most points will be selected to represent us at the South Coast Championships. Again more clubs have selection points but we are displaying the top 3 positions.

Mens Senior Fours Bexhill 13pts Herne Bay 8pts Deal 6pts
Mens Junior-Senior Fours Deal 13pts Shoreham 11pts Herne Bay 2pts
Mens Junior Fours Herne Bay 10pts Worthing 9pts Bexhill 6pts
Veteran Fours Herne Bay 15pts Shoreham 7pts Deal 4pts
Ladies Senior Fours Shoreham 15pts Worthing 9pts Bexhill 2pts
Ladies Junior Fours Worthing 15pts Herne Bay 6pts Bexhill 3pts

*abbreviations used Bex (Bexhill), Dea (Deal), Hba (Herne Bay), Sho (Shoreham), Wor (Worthing)

Coxswain of the Year

The Coxswain of the Year award is presented at each regatta to reward great coxing. The current standings are as follows:

Bexhill 2pts Greg Anderson Phil McCorry
Deal 1pt Matt Handley
Shoreham 1pt Ezra Hulme