Child Protection

At the CARA we take child protection and safeguarding extremely seriously, we follow the guidelines provided by British Rowing on their website and adhere to the policies they provide. The below information is taken the from British Rowing website regarding child protection.

Guiding principles

  • Everyone who participates in rowing is entitled to do so in a safe and enjoyable environment
  • All British Rowing clubs, competitions and associated individuals must follow the policies defined in our policy documents
  • British Rowing is committed to helping everyone in rowing accept their responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from harm and abuse
  • There are procedures in place that show the steps to be followed to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected, that concerns are reported, listened to and acted on appropriately.

In addition to British Rowing’s own Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and guidance documents, the Child Protection in Sport Unit’s Resource Library has a number of videos, publications, online tool kits and examples of best practice to help sports clubs safeguard their junior members and vulnerable adults.

As of 6th June 2013, British Rowing no longer accepts paper applications for Criminal Records/Barred Lists checks, owing to changes announced by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS). Ahead of the move to a fully online version of the application process, more information can be found on this update from Lead Safeguarding Officer Laura Fieldman (also available to download, below).