Bexhill Rowing Club

Bexhill Rowing ClubAddress:bexhill-blade
Rowing Vests: White with Red, White & Green Diagonal Stripes.
Oars: Red, White & Green Bands

Deal Rowing Club

Deal Rowing ClubAddress:deal-blade
Rowing Vests: White with Horizontal bands of Purple and Grey.
Oars: White with Purple and Grey Bands

Dover Rowing Club

Dover Rowing ClubAddress:dover-blade
Rowing Vests: Blue and White Quarters.
Oars: Royal Blue and White Chevrons

Eastbourne Rowing Club

Eastbourne Rowing ClubAddress:eastbourne-blade
Rowing Vests: Royal Blue and Yellow Quarters
Oars: Royal Blue and Yellow Halves.

Folkestone Rowing Club

Folkestone Rowing ClubAddress:folkestone-blade
Rowing Vests: Yellow
Oars: Yellow with two Black Bands

Hastings Rowing Club

Hastings Rowing ClubAddress:hastings-blade
Rowing Vests: Red With single Horizontal Band.
Oars: Red with Gold Diagonal Band

Herne Bay Amateur Rowing Club

Herne Bay Amateur Rowing ClubAddress:hernebay-blade
Rowing Vests: Royal Blue with White Maltese Cross.
Oars: Royal Blue with White Maltese Cross.

Shoreham Rowing Club

Shoreham Rowing ClubAddress: Kingston Beach, Birghton Road, Shoreham-by-sea, BN43 6RNshoreham-blade
Rowing Vests: White with single Dark Blue Horizontal Band.
Oars: White with Dark Blue Band

Southsea Rowing Club

Southsea Rowing ClubAddress:southsea-blade
Rowing Vests: Sky Blue, White & Navy Horizontal Bands.
Oars: Sky Blue, White & Navy Stripes along spoon

Worthing Rowing Club

Worthing Rowing ClubAddress:worthing-blade
Rowing Vests: Red with Dark Blue Horizontal Band.
Oars: Red with Dark Blue Band