Coastal Boats

What is a Coastal Boat?

There is often some confusion surrounding what exactly it is that we do in the CARA and the reason for this is because there is more than one type of coastal rowing:

At the CARA, we row in boats which are largely similar to the ‘fine boats’ used for rowing on rivers worldwide and in the Olympics. The boats we use must be slightly stronger to cope with the sea, and as a result they are slightly heavier too. However the classes are  largely the same; there are Single Sculls, Pairs, Doubles, Fours and Quads. We have no Eights on the coast, the reason for this is that it would not be possible to cost effectively make one able cope with waves and also to negotiate the Buoy Turn features in many of our races. Rounding the buoy turn is also the reason why all coastal boats are rigged in reverse comparative to the usual convention. Check out the Buoy Turn page for more info on this.

As in “normal” rowing our boats use out-riggers, sliding seats and use the same oars and fixed feet as you would find in fine boats. However, our boats are shorter, wider, more buoyant and feature dinghy self bailers which suck water from the boat while it is in motion.