At CARA we take our members safety very seriously. We use our experience of rowing on the sea and dealing with tides and waves to provide our own safety guide below, but we also we provide recommend that all members adhere for British Rowing guidelines and the Row Safe Guide.

We advise all clubs officers and CARA members to read this information and and consider their safety and that of those around them at all times.

Assessing Risk

It is important that you understand what the risks might be and how to spot them, before you can fully appreciate how to stay safe. The basic risk assessment guide should be read by everyone and understood. The advanced risk assessment guide shows you to create a risk assessment for your club or event.

Risk Assessment – Basic
Risk Assessment – Intermediate
Risk Assessment – Advanced

Staying Safe on the Water

British Rowing’s RowSafe guide should be on dispaly in all clubs, it can also be found at this link:

RowSafe Guide

Incident Reporting

At the CARA we ask all member clubs to also affiliate to British Rowing, as part of this affiliation it is essential that you adhere to British Rowing guidelines – they ask that ALL incidents involving safety on the water be reported using their online incident reporting system which can be found here

Incident Reporting

Club Safety Audit

All clubs affiliated to British Rowing must submit a safety audit each year, to your ease we have provided a link to the relevant page on their site here:

British Rowing – Audit