The Coast Amateur Row Association committee is comprised of four elected positions as well as past presidents and Vice-Presidents:

Elected Positions:

President: Colin Guppy

Secretary: Sarah McCorry

Treasurer: Debbie Hills

Minutes Secretary: Annida Boiling

Vice Presidents:

D J Ludlow Esq.
P Saunders Esq.
Mrs B Crouch
J Bailey Esq.
T Easley Esq.
N Cooke Esq.

Past Presidents:

J M Ludlow T Pilcher R Watkins M Holden
E W Tanswell M Gibbins R Leggatt S Povey
 D J Barnett G Saunders D Hills  M. Mitchel
 J M Lowrie P Hollis  S P Doswell  R. Epps
R Avery J R Hutton P Munroe
R Smith P J Challon J Holmes
R Plowman B J Peace R Noakes
G R Dawes J Mitchell A West
D Dufrane J Snape R Salmon
N J Bailey P Knight K C Goodwin