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Bexhill Regatta 2023

21st May 2023 All day

Bexhill Regatta, held by Bexhill Rowing Club on the beach outside the De le Warr Pavilion in Bexhill. The Club house is based on the seafront under the famous pavilion. Bexhill Regatta is races over a 2000m course, going 1000m west from the club and back again.

Results from Bexhill regatta 2023

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Final Confirmed Results
Championship EventsVerdict1st2nd3rd4th5th6th
Men's Novice Sculls3 LengthsDovShorBexHbayShorFolk
Men's Junior Sculls2 LengthsHbayEastDealBexDeal
Men's Senior Sculls3 LengthsDealDealHbayBexBexHbay
Womens Novice Sculls5 LengthsWortBexHastBexWortBex
Womens Double Sculls2 LengthsBexHbayShorWortShorBex
Men's Junior Pairs3 LengthsShorShorFolkHbayEastBex
Men's Senior PairsEasyBexDealHbayDealBexShor
Womens Junior PairsEasyBexHbayShorFolk
Womens Senior Pairs5 LengthsWortShorShorBexBex
Men's Novice Fours3 LengthsShorBexHbayEastHast
Men's Junior FoursEasyShorBexFolkHbayNon
Men's J/S FoursEasyShorDovBexShorHbayDeal
Men's Senior FoursEasyDealHbayBexDov
Womens Novice Fours3 LengthsShorShorBexHastDovEast
Womens Junior Fours4 LengthsHbayShorDovBexShorHast
Womens Senior FoursEasyShorDealBexBexShorWort
Masters Open 40+ FoursEasyShorEast
Masters Women's 40+ FoursEasyHbayFolkBex
Masters 50+ Fours3 LengthsHbayBexShorDovBex
Non League Championships
J14 Mixed Quads1 LengthShorCompHbayComp
J16 Boys Quads2 LengthDovBexWortShorHbay
J16 Girls QuadsEasyShorBex
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Bexhill Rowing Club website can be found below, more information on the club is available at the below links:

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Bexhill Rowing Club Website: Bexhill Rowing Club Website/

Bexhill Rowing Club, Facebook: Bexhill Rowing Club – Facebook