Shoreham Regatta 2024

Shoreham Beach Green Shoreham-by-sea, West Sussex

Shoreham Regatta is held at Shoreham Beach Green, as the rowing club is located in Shoreham Harbour which is not suitable for racing. The regatta runs from the beech green in an easterly direction over a 2km course. Well known in rowing circles as usually being quite rough water, ShorehamRead the rest of this page »

Worthing Regatta 2024

Worthing Rowing Club Marine Parade, Worthing, West Sussex

Worthing Regatta is held at Splash Point in Worthing, directly from the rowing club. Parking is easy in one of the many town centre carparks in Worthing. Being a busy community beach. Rowers race from Worthing pier towards Shoreham over a 2km course which is great for spectators and canRead the rest of this page »

Eastbourne Regatta 2024

Eastbourne Rowing Club The baothouse, Royal Parade, East Sussex

Eastbourne Regatta is held at Eastbourne Rowing Club Note: Results are provisional shown otherwise - this can take up to 7days The Eastbourne Rowing Club website can be found below, more information on the club is available at the below links: Eastbourne Rowing Club Website: Eastbourne Rowing Club Website/

Hastings Regatta 2024

Hastings Regatta has recently returned to Hastings after a few years being run at Bexhill. We welcome back the historical event and look forward to attending the newly refurbished club house. Located under the seafront in the centre of the town. Results: Note: Results are provisional shown otherwise - thisRead the rest of this page »

Bexhill Regatta 2024

Bexhill Rowing Club Channel View East, Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex

Bexhill Regatta, held by Bexhill Rowing Club on the beach outside the De le Warr Pavilion in Bexhill. The Club house is based on the seafront under the famous pavilion. Bexhill Regatta is races over a 2000m course, going 1000m west from the club and back again. Results will beRead the rest of this page »

Folkestone Regatta 2024

Folkestone Rowing Club The Parade, Sandgate, Kent

Folkestone Regatta is held at Folkestone Rowing Club, just outside the Folkestone in Sandgate. The event runs along Sandgate beach from West to East over a 2km course. Results: Note: Results are provisional shown otherwise - this can take up to 7days

Dover Regatta 2024

Dover Rowing Club Dover Sea Sports Centre, Dover, Kent

Dover Regatta takes place in the the busy at Dover Beach in the heart of the Port of Dover running over a 1.6km course which cuts directly across the inner harbour from the western side to the eastern side. There is plenty of parking along Marine Parade and good facilitiesRead the rest of this page »

Southsea Regatta 2024

Southsea Esplanade Esplanade, Southsea, Hampshire

Southsea Regatta is the biggest Coastal Regatta of the season and is the only one which is attended by all clubs from CARA and the HDARA also. Results: Note: Results are provisional shown otherwise - this can take up to 7days

Deal Regatta 2024

Deal Regatta held, by Deal, Walmer & Kingsdown Amateur Rowing Club in Deal, Kent. Deal Regatta is unique on the CARA rowing calendar as the only regatta to feature two turns. The course starts outside the rowing club, and runs West towards Deal pier before turning back past the clubRead the rest of this page »

Herne Bay Regatta 2024

Herne Bay Rowing Club Spa Esplanade, Herne Bay, Kent

Herne Bay Amateur Rowing Club is a north Kent Coastal Rowing club. Rowing along the South Coast since 1887. Herne Bay regatta is held at the club house on Spa Esplanade, over a 2km course heading East towards the town and the pier around about buoy turn and back, finishingRead the rest of this page »